Licenses for external files

The following files are distributed with IVRE but are not part of the project and therefore have their own copyright and licenses.


Files under the web/static/an directory come from the AngularJS project.

They are licensed under MIT license.

Twitter Bootstrap

Files under the web/static/bs directory come from the Twitter Bootstrap project.

They are licensed under Apache License v2.0.

The files under the web/static/bs/img come from Glyphicons and are made available by the Twitter Bootstrap project.


Files under the web/static/jq directory come from the jQuery project.

They are licensed under MIT license.


Files under the web/static/d3 directory come from the D3.js project.

They are licensed under BSD license.


Files under the web/static/lk directory come from the Linkurious.

They are licensed under GPL v3 license.


Files under the web/static/fi directory come from the flag-icon-css project.

It includes the European flag from pull request #71.

These files are licensed under MIT license.

ike-scan Vendor ID database

The file data/ike-vendor-ids comes from the ike-scan project.

It includes new fingerprints discovered during Internet-wide ISAKMP scans. Those fingerprints have of course been contributed to ike-scan.

This file is licensed under GPL v3 license.

See also Use of ike-vendor-ids in other (open-source) programs.

manuf Vendor database

The file data/manuf is built from the tool pkg/buildmanuf from the wireshark project.

Both files are licensed under GPL v2 license or later.

Natural Earth

The file web/static/world-110m.json has been generated with the tools from Geospatial Data Abstraction Library and World Atlas from data published by Natural Eath in the public domain.